About Identifont

Following the success of the English version of Identifont we aim to make this the largest independent directory of Japanese typefaces on the Internet. It will provide a range of features to help you locate fonts or find information about fonts:

Find fonts by appearance

The Identifont expert system enables you to identify a typeface from a sample by answering a series of questions about key characteristics.

At each stage the left-hand column shows a list of the questions you have already answered. Click on a question to review the options, and optionally change your reply.

Finally you will be shown a list of one or more possible fonts matching your answers.

Find fonts by name

Identifont also provides a powerful search facility, to enable you to locate fonts by entering all or part of the Japanese or English name. It uses Doyoumean technology to locate the correct font, even if you are not quite sure of the exact name or spelling.

Find fonts by similarity

Identifont also allows you to search for fonts that are visually similar to a particular font, with each match ranked according to visual proximity.

Find designers and publishers

You can search for font designers by entering all or part of their name, and you can see information about font publishers. In each case you can see a list of the fonts they have designed or published.

How was Identifont developed?

Identifont was designed and developed by David Johnson-Davies, founder of the information design company Human-Computer Interface.

The Identifont Web site is based on the Common Lisp Hypermedia Server, a Web server designed for advanced applications in AI and research, and developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


We would like to thank everyone who has supported Identifont and contributed to its development, either by donating their fonts, or by suggesting improvements and extensions.

Japanese translation by Miyuki Arnqvist.