Frequently asked questions

This page gives answers to the most frequently asked questions about Identifont. If your question isn't answered here please email us at .

When was Identifont launched?

The original English Identifont Web site was launched in November 2000. This Japanese version of Identifont was launched in June 2010.

How does 'Fonts by Appearance' work?

Identifont uses a patented expert system containing information about a large number of typefaces, and from this asks a series of questions about key features of the typeface. For example, one question is: "Is the 'り' (ri) drawn with one stroke or two?".

The system is adaptive, so at each stage the sequence of questions is chosen to identify the font in the smallest number of steps. A typical identification takes about 10 steps, after which it shows the matching font or fonts, together with character-set samples to allow the user to check the answers. Identifont also includes links to the main vendors of each typeface, so the user can order the typeface once they have identified it.

What if I can't answer a question?

While identifying a font by appearance, if you are unsure about any question click 'Not sure' to skip that question.

How do you obtain the fonts included in Identifont?

Foundries and designers have been extremely supportive in providing samples of their fonts for use by us in adding the information to Identifont. We do the work of training the expert system and creating the character-set GIF sample images ourselves, to ensure accuracy and consistency.

To submit your own fonts to Identifont click here:

Submit fonts.

How is Identifont financed?

Identifont is financed by commission we receive from some of the font publishers and vendors on sales resulting from referrals from Identifont.

Note that we don't exclude foundries who don't pay commission, but we give those that do a higher ranking in the list.

Do you sell fonts?

No. Identifont provides comprehensive, independent information about fonts, but we don't sell fonts; instead we provide links to the best publishers and vendors of each font.